To get the best from your cake please follow the tips below.


Cake Transportation

Transport your cake on a flat surface keeping the box flat, with the heating turned off.

The ideal place is in the footwell or boot of the car on either carpet or a non-slip mat.

It is strongly recommended that cakes being collected by the customer be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Please drive slowly, taking extra care, especially around corners and over bumps.


Cake Storage

All goods will be packaged for collection in a food-safe box, and cellophane for larger items.

Keep cakes in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

Please note refrigeration is not recommended for fondant-covered cakes.

It would be recommended to keep the cake ‘boxed’ until required for setting up.

Set up

It is recommended to have a stable and level surface at least four feet off the ground where the cake is to be set up.

Cakes are safest when they are displayed against a wall, where they will not be bumped/knocked.


Outdoor locations

Humidity and heat can adversely affect your cake.

In the warmer months, it is recommended the cake be kept in air-conditioned or, at the very least, a cool area.

Cakes should never to displayed in direct sunlight or anywhere sunlight might eventually move to.

Determine someplace safe where the cake can be displayed indoors on exceedingly hot days or in case of rain.